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If you want to create a real feeling of symmetry between your house and garden and define your outdoor space, you can do this with our hardscaping solutions.

Our talented team like to produce hardscapes that achieve functionality but also serve to create a pleasing element of architecture in your outdoor space that compliments and enhances your home as well as your garden.

Using color, dimension and texture, Greenway Landscapes have the landscape design expertise and creative flair to be able to combine the use different colors and textures of concrete, boulders, pathways and other resources and materials, in order to deliver a bespoke hardscape installation that works perfectly for your outdoor space.

We can talk to you about walkways, patios, arbors, wooden decks, terraces, stone walls and any other hardscape scenario that would look great and provide the link between your indoor and outdoor space, which defines a successful hardscaping project.

Our landscaping team has the knowledge and expertise to know what works and what materials and ideas to use in order to make the most of your outdoor space, by providing a hardscape installation service that delivers everything you expect from a professional company like Greenway.

Give us a call and let us deliver some ideas and inspiration so that you can make the most out of hardscaping your outdoor space and add some value to your property at the same time.