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The use of top soil is another gardening challenge on top of mulching, that often stumps gardeners because they don’t really know how much or even what kind of top soil their garden needs.

Our gardening team here at Greenway Landscapes is at your service to answer all of your top soil and mulching questions, as well as being able to supply and deliver the right type and quantity of top soil you need.

Top soil is an important part of keeping your garden looking in the best possible shape and when you consider that the top 2-3 inches of your upper layer of soil, is where grass and plant is going to get the bulk of its nutrients from, you can see why it is vital to get it just right.

We can supply, deliver and install a variety of different top soil’s as well as taking the guesswork away on how much and what you need beforehand. Our experts are on hand to allow you the chance to get the best results out of the use of top soil and mulch and we think that our keen prices and high levels of professionalism make us the go-to solution for all of your top soil needs.

Give Greenway Landscapes a call and let us guide you through the assessment and selection process, so that you can use top soil to get your lawns and flower beds into the best possible shape.