Seeding & Sod

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Our dedicated team here at Greenway Landscapes knows that every proud homeowner wants a beautiful green lawn. This goal can be achieved when you use our seeding and sodding service to help you choose the very best combination to deliver a stunning and attractive green lawn.

Our aim is to use the finest seeds that are available to us and apply our professional expertise to not only make the right choice when it comes to picking the right seed product for your particular area, but then install it with the care and precision that is required to achieve the best results.

The seeds supplied by us will be installed by being sown into the soil by hand raking or sometimes by machine in some cases and we are always on hand after the seeding is completed, should you have any questions.

Everything we do is based on our commitment to providing a high quality service and developing a good long-term relationship with our customers. Our seeding is just one example of how we always want to go that extra mile and deliver the best possible results.

We will also give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your newly seeded lawn when we are not around and if you are unsure in any way, we can also extend our service to include suggesting or arranging a watering schedule for those important first few weeks.

Take advantage of our landscaping knowledge to ensure that the right type of sod is used, whether it is one grown on dark block soil or on peat soil, we can certainly help to find the right solution.

For professional seeding and sodding results, give our team a call and discuss your requirements or arrange a visit so that we can give you our expert opinion and a free estimate, which is the first step in helping you to get a great looking lawn.