Fertilization Programs

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The secret to getting the most out of your soil and producing the best results for healthy looking grass, plants and trees, is to know exactly what it is made up of.

Our team here at Greenway Landscapes has the expertise and the knowledge to provide an analysis of your soil type, so that we can develop a customized fertilization program in order to get the best possible results for your garden.

By analyzing the soil type, fertility and also the percolation rate, as well as confirming your grass type and density, we will have the best possible chance of keeping your grass and trees healthy. We aim to be as environmentally-friendly as possible and we always adhere to state and federal regulations, when it comes to the use of fertilizers.

It is not just your lawns that will benefit from a fertilization program. Trees require the right balance of essential elements so that it can function and grow, and fertilization will help to tackle any problems with urban landscape trees that are not able to get enough available nutrients for healthy growth without our intervention.

Greenway Landscapes have the skill and knowledge to be able to understand the extent of a tree’s root system so that we can determine how much and what type of fertilizer is needed to get the best out of your trees as well as your lawn.

Fertilizing trees and lawns can have a positive benefit but it needs to be used wisely and in some circumstances, incorrect use can actually cause some harm. Don’t leave it to chance, give us a call and see how we can keep your lawns and trees in a healthy and pristine condition through the safe and sensible use of fertilizers.