Spring / Fall Clean-up

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The onset of spring and fall are two points in the calendar that signal the need to get your garden and property into shape and ready for the season ahead.

Spring is the time when we will need to remove leaves and branches that have managed to accumulate during the winter season as well as other debris around your property and landscape beds.

The team at Greenway Landscapes know just what is needed to get your garden into shape and there is little doubt that no matter how keen you might be to get out in the garden yourself, our clean up service is the best way to help you get the most of our your outdoor space in the months ahead.

The same scenario applies with our fall clean up service. Get Greenway to efficiently remove all leaves, branches and other debris that has managed to accumulate during the course of the summer.

Another compelling reason for using our clean up service, is that our experienced gardening team can use the clean up as an opportunity to ensure that fungal material that can be present in soil and fallen leaves, is safely removed so that it does not have the chance to cause damage to your plants and lawn through the winter.

Talk to us now about scheduling a clean up and ask for a free estimate, so you can see how we can deliver a great professional service at amazing rates.